The Scholar Directory is a database that showcases more than 2,000 accomplished doctoral scholars and successful Ph.D. recipients who are committed to pursuing careers in the professoriate. It consists of scholars from:

The database offers faculty and research recruiters an economical way to reach a diverse group of people. It includes access to: vitae, profiles, research and scholarship areas, as well as other information for all doctoral scholars and Ph.D. recipients who have attended the Institute on Teaching and Mentoring, the largest gathering of historically underrepresented Ph.D.s and Ph.D. candidates in the nation.

The scholar directory is available only through subscription. Password-protected subscriptions are available for $500 per year/per campus to individuals who recruit faculty for institutions of higher learning.

If you have any problems or suggestions on how we might improve the functionality of the Online Directory, please contact the SREB-State Doctoral Scholars Program.

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